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Easter Bunny Race

Easter Bunny Race for the Apple® iPad™ iPhone™ and iPod Touch™

★★★★★ Welcome to Easter Bunny Race!


Help to train the Easter Bunny to get more skills in collecting easter eggs with Easter Buny Race, the exciting 3D fun racing arcade game.


Put the bunny on his vehicle and steer him down the beautiful but dangerous mountains. Perform dangerous jumps and stunts while rushing down the hills trying to reach the finish line in given time. Collect Easter eggs to get magic Easter bunny speed upgrades!


With the touch control oriented design you will drive, drift, jump, launch magic speed upgrades and fly at the touch of a finger!





• 8 beautifully designed levels

• Collect the Easter eggs to get magic speed upgrades

• Spectacular jumps… and crashes

• Loving Retina Graphics! Fully support of the different Retina Displays

• Complete physics enabled

• Day/Night mode with stylish lighting

• Choose between 1st and 3rd person camera view

• Universal App: Same App runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
• Pan the camera with a three finger swipe for a cool view of your race

• Two different control methods: Accelerometer or Virtual Joystick

• Nice sound effects

• No additional in game purchases required

• and many more...



★★★★★ TIPS:


• A faster pace doesn't allways mean to reach the finish line faster!

• Check out how much time you can take for a level before you start at the timer at the top of the screen