Now we are also twittering our news to you.


We are now also twittering our news...


First we would like to say "thank you very much" to all our current and new customers.

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ColorDetect for the Apple

The ColorDetect iPhone app gives you the possibility to detect colors in real time using augmented reality technology.


The name and the RGB values of the detected colors are displayed in real time on the user interface. ColorDetect detects the colors with a 5 point detection algorithm to improve the detection quality and to compensate the color noise when the light is not optimal. If you have an iPhone 4, ColorDetect lets you enable the built in LED light to detect colors also when it's dark.


With ColorDetect detected colors can also be shared very simple by sending the color with all relevant information (RGB, HEX Value, color name and an color example) per Mail.


iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


NewsPro f

NewsPro is a full-featured RSS and ATOM Feed Newreader for the iPad with a very intuitive interface.


Read your favorite News directly on your iPad at anytime and everywhere you want. NewsPro supports offline reading, so you can read your loaded news also when you have no Internet connection.


If you are not familiar with RSS or ATOM Newsfeeds, NewsPro will do the work for you. NewsPro detects embedded feeds on your favorite Pages and presents them in a convenient selection, so that you can simply press the "Add Feed" function and you are done. But NewsPro supports also the possibility to enter RSS and ATOM Feed Addresses directly, if you are more familiar with News Feeds.


News sources can be gathered from Websites, Twitter, Blogs, Forums and pretty much from anywhere you see an RSS link or symbol online.


Some core features:


✭ Download of embedded images for offline viewing

✭ Smart Folders to find the news you want

✭ Quick Search to instantly find the News you want

✭ Possibility to organize feeds in Group Folders

✭ Folders can be collapsed to save space on the screen

✭ Integrated mini browser to read the original website of a news

✭ Sharing news via the integrated Email function

✭ Share news to Instapaper. Also support for password protected accounts.

✭ Copy images, news text or URLs to the clipboard, so that you can paste them inside the place you need them.

✭ News are gathered in the background, so that you can go on with reading while NewsPro is looking for new News

✭ Support for different Themes. So you can select one of the nice Theme you want. And yes, these Themes are Free not like in other News Readers.



NewsPro is also tested and optimized for use with the upcoming iOS 4.2.


And this is first the beginning. Other great features for NewsPro are already in work!


iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


SimpleCalc for the Apple

A nice looking and very stable Calculator with good sized Keys for easy access optimized for the iPad.


Short Help for the Calculator Function Buttons:


C = Clear current value

AC = Clear all value including operator

MC = Clear memory

MS = Save current value into memory

MR = Restore value from memory

+/- = Toggle value between negative and positive

% = Current displayed number divided trough 100


The decimal delimiter is taken from the current settings of the iPad.


We would like to thank you all very much for the great feedback we got for the SimpleCalc HD Version 1.0. And we are very proud to notice, that since the initial release of SimpleCalc HD Version 1.0 there was not one single crash report or bug report for this Version!


iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


pcGuardIT Client Edition Version 1.0

Ist bei Ihren Servern im Moment alles in Ordnung ? Sind Sie sicher ?


Es besteht kein Grund sich

pgEvent Version 1.0

Wenn Sie Batch Dateien haben, welche automatische ergelm

ImageButton.net Version 1.0

Die einfache Art grafische Buttons in Ihre .NET Programme hinzuzuf


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